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5 Common Weight Loss Myths


Every woman wants to know how to lose leg fat, and have a great looking lower body. They may believe that they know how to get thinner thighs, but in actuality all the myths and weight loss misconceptions make it difficult for the individual to reach their goal of getting in shape, and having the legs that they so desire. At some point, it is likely that you may have come across some of these false notions, and may have put them into practice as well.


Here are 5 weight loss myths to avoid that also shared at


Myth #1. Spot Reduction

It is impossible to do targeted exercises to burn the fat. You can't just do situps, and expect your belly to go away. Likewise, spending countless hours on the leg machine will not slim down your lower body. This is not how to get skinny thighs. If you want to shed the fat, the basic principals of weight loss, and eating right is the only real solution. Your entire body responds to exercise, and you can't simply pick and choose what areas you want to make thinner.


Targeted exercises are better for adding shape and size to your muscles. At some point down the line when you do lose a good amount of body fat, you can start adding more shape and volume to your legs with targeted exercises if you want.


Myth #2. Fat Turns Into Muscle.

Turning fat into muscle is like lead turning into gold, it's just not going to happen! It's not quite known where, how or why this myth came to be. However there are instances where you clearly see the idea being passed through fitness ads, and infomercials. It leads many people into believing, and doing things that are unnecessary, which can pull them down even further from their fitness goals.


Fat is just leftover energy from excess calories which become stored in the body. When we do a high amount of strenuous activity the body taps into these reserves for fuel, and as a result the fat is burned offa and leaves the body. It takes a lot of work to do this as well. You cannot expect to do mediocre and come out with fantastic results. Fat does not turn into muscle, and similarly, muscle does not turn back into fat if you stop working out.


Myth #3. Weight Training Makes You Bulky.

Weight training only makes you big if you train specifically for it, and normally has a lot to do with the kind of diet you have, as well as any supplements you are taking. There are many ways you can use weights to suit your own needs. Women in particular have the strange assumption that you will look too manly from lifting weights.


To put this ridiculous myth at rest, the answer is a big NO! It all has to do with how you train. The truth is strength training gives you great legs! You can run on the treadmill, do your pilates, and yoga, but it will never be as effective at burning fat as weight training. It helps build strength which comes in handy in all sorts of everyday activities. Furthermore, you build lean muscle which is essential to increasing your metabolism, and speeds up weight loss. Lastly, it adds volume in areas that may lack shape thus improving the overall look of your body.


Myth #4. The More You Sweat, The More You Burn!

Sweating is just the body's way of cooling itself down. While you can make the connection that working harder makes you sweat, you also have to consider other factors: rise in temperature, nervousness, anxiety; these also trigger us to produce sweat, yet contribute nothing to weight loss. Incidentally, you could be training hard in a well cooled area and not perspire as much as you think you should.


The amount of sweat you produce does not measure how many calories you are burning. Sure, you may lose a little weight, but what's lost is merely water weight which comes back after you rehydrate. The only sure way to know if you are working out effectively is by acknowledging what your body is telling you: the way your muscles feel, your heart and breathing rate, and your overall energy levels.


Myth #5. Crash Diets Are The Way To Go!

A lot or people for one reason or another take crash diets to lose weight as quickly as possible, and then go back to their normal eating habits once they finish their plan. Just so you know, this is not how a proper diet should be. A real diet should not be a temporary thing. It's a lifestyle change that you should willingly choose to do.


The problem with these type of diets is that you literally starve yourself for the sake of losing weight. While you may lose weight during the time you are on the diet, you simply gain it all back once you have stopped. What's the point of going through all that if it is not a permanent change? Furthermore compared to someone who practices healthy eating habits, those who go on these crash diets tend to look somewhat sickly, and have very low energy levels. Believe it or not, eating is key to getting in shape. A real diet should provide you with enough energy and nutrients so you are able to perform, and get the most out of your exercise routines.


These weight loss myths are not only detrimental to your fitness goals, but they will also keep you from getting the tight, toned, and shapely legs that you are aiming to have. Steer clear of these false claims, and learn how to lose leg fat the right way. Challenge yourself, and be more woman than you can ever be!